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    CV Visi Global Media

    [V]Arts is a specialized studio at interpreting and materializing the specific codes of each particular area of knowledge, in order to create clear visual languages for particular readers. This is what we define as visual comunication

    About US

    [V]Arts is full service design firm, dedicated to producing the highest level of work, we understand the uniqe and often complex of each business.

    Our Method

    Humans are communicative by nature and feel the need to express their thoughts. Throughout “evolution”, they have created “methods” such as writing, graphics, and gestures, to convey ideas, as clearly as possible. In addition, they have developed specialized languages for each particular area of knowledge, but these languages might be confusing for general reader, due to its technicality and complexity.

    Research Information

    • Available information gathering.
    • Initial information assessment.
    • Initial information assessment.
    • Target reader definition: (What, to whom, How)
    • Budget definition.
    • Timeline and goals definition.
    • Market and competition research.
    • Design guidelines definition.

    Creative Visualization

    • Graphics design hypothesis postulation.
    • Alternatives creation for the proposed graphics language
    • Evaluation and control of proposed language

    Visual Language Production

    • Presentation / media definition
    • Creation of visual language / solution

    Vision & Mission

    [V]Arts vision

    Committed to serve the best resource to client’s satisfactory

    [V]Arts Mission

    [V]Arts want to be recognized as a symbol of inspiration, and realized every big idea through the effective communication

    Recent clients


    Clients will get a professional, whole, and progressive service for every visual communication needs.


    CV Visi Global Media
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